ZEN Stylish Awards 2015
Greatest award for gentlemen – ladies with the most outstanding Stylish of the Year.

Undeniably stylish dress that can enhance your own personality to stand out as memorable to meet. ZEN Lifestyle Trend Mega Store. Led by Boss Woman brilliantly Natira Boonsri, President of ZEN Department Store. Encourage new era fashionistas to enjoy discovering charms impressive in typical yourself through leading brands. With create colorful to fashion circles /lifestyle as 7th year with an invitation, editors, fashion guru, designer including renowned stylist at the forefront of Thailand join vote to search for trendy celebrities cast vote to search for trendy celebrities whole businessmen, star, MC, actor, singer, model for ZEN Stylish Awards 2015. Praised for as a precedent in dress with a outstanding unique style of own which greatest held at ZENSE, Level 18 , ZEN Department Store.

Within event have created an atmosphere for a memorable night of luxury and elegance for hospitality committee and VIP guests who attended to congratulate ladies and gentlemen. Gentlemen who have been awarded includes Jay Spenser, Thanida Thamwimon, Kasidit Samniang, Cherman Boonyasak, Pitt Karchai, Mollika Ruangkritya, Paul Sirisant, Praowphan Laohapongchana, Suvadee Phungbunphra, Sirivong Sukasemsin, Thaitanium (Thai hip hop music group) and Actor from Love Sick group.

Also the announcement of Honorary Awards for Individuals who dressed as a prominent role model in a ZEN style to Bhanu Inkawat and one of the main highlights of the event that everyone is looking forward is a “Popular Vote” from the public vote via the website www.zen.co.th. The gentleman is Love Sick group and the lady is Cherman Boonyasak.