ZEN Lifestyle Trend Megastore @CentralWorld

mega1ZEN was conceived in 1991 and quickly became a Bangkok shopping sensation that captured the imagination of both tourists and locals alike. In 2006, the store was acquired by Central Retail Corporation and re-launched as the edgy lifestyle concept store that it is today. Spread over 7 levels and topped with an additional 13 floors of lifestyle and entertainment services, ZEN is the definitive all-round retail hub that has come to represent all that is fun about Bangkok.

ZEN Department Store itself is an amalgamation of all that is modern in today’s multi-brand/product retailing. It prides itself for uniqueness, individual style and a merchandise mix that has wide appeal, all set in a vast, theatrical, interactive space. The ZEN customer, be they locals or tourists, appreciate good design, the latest fashions, and top-notch creativity.

So alluring is ZEN in terms of the total presentation of the store that it was bestowed the prestigious EuroShop Retail Design Award 2008 from Germany for best store design and merchandising concept. It continues to be an accolade that sets ZEN apart.

Due to political unrest in Bangkok in May 2010, ZEN was, unfortunately, razed. However, it was re-launched in January 2012, offering the city, once again, its most unique store and a shopping experience that is never short of spectacular.

July 2013 saw the spectacular opening of HEAVEN BANGKOK: the city’s new landmark with 4 unique upscale dining & entertainment concepts featuring downtown’s most breathtaking 360 rooftop views nestled in the heart of central Bangkok.

Dining Zensations Limited and ZEN Lifestyle Trend Megastore welcomes you to Thailand’s most exquisite dining & entertainment paradise. With extraordinary sweeping views, HEAVEN BANGKOK presents four unique concepts – ZENSE Gourmet Deck & Lounge Panorama, Shintori Japanese Art Cuisine & Sake Bar, HORIZONS International Tapas Cuisine & Bar and HEAVEN-on-ZEN, Private Escapade & Champagne Bar. Featuring culinary delights from seven top restaurants, delectable signature cocktails by award-winning mixologists and lounge-to-party music by renown DJs, HEAVEN BANGKOK has something for everyone. Offering both indoor and outdoor seating, chic decor and sublime ambience, HEAVEN Bangkok is the place for an unforgettable experience; from a romantic sunset to an exhilarating night out, this is both a place to see and be seen as well as a place to hide away in cosy intimacy under the stars.

Located on the rooftop of ZEN World Tower at CentralWorld, with a total floor area of more than 6,000 square meters over 4 floors, levels 17-20, HEAVEN BANGKOK reinforces and encapsulates the ZEN Department Store Lifestyle concept, making it a one-stop shopping, dining and entertainment destination.



About ourselves,
About our activities and About our environment.


About making us and our lifestyle.
Always fun and interesting,
Enhancing both Our Inner and Outer Beauty.


About our state of mind, Our cultural and style preferences, Our believes and our aspirations.


About giving you a Zense of identity, Uniqueness, Happiness, Self-Esteem and Fulfillment… A peace of mind.


About making You a Cretive Being, Giving Fun and Excitement, Getting You to the Top of the World… The Art of Life.

Be Daring, Resourceful, Confident, Trend-setting, Expressive, Open, Be Special Be proud to give the Best to Yourself Be the One.


The aim in the new ZEN facade design is to create a distinctive and modern exterior that redefines it as Thailand’s trendy and best mega-store. The cladding that forms an asymmetric trellis takes on the silhouette of trees branching out. One of the oldest symbols of life, trees represents growth and a new beginning, shared across geographical divide and cultural diversity. The deep-rooted symbolism of trees can be found in such positive metaphors as the tree of life and family tree.

The structure follows a unique way of geometrical abstraction, with two angles and reduction in every branch. This lends a dramatic graphic counterpoint to the overall building. The assembly of the trees, being strong at the base and becoming lighter at the branched top, are like a protective shell, giving the exterior a respectful distance to the very fine and transparent glass box of the new ZEN building. On all three sides, the building is framed like a precious diamond set in a filigreed casing.

The inner glass box is kept simple to emphasize the contrast between the strong solid steel external structure and the elegance of the ZEN building. This is a deliberate disparity, setting the opaque against the clear, the strong against the malleable.

The big open concourse in front offers a complete view of the department store. From every angle, the branched out trees of the cladding inspire awe, communicating, once again, the indestructible fortitude that is ZEN.