28 Nov

Fun Time Shopping and Boost Your Child’s Creativity

Up To 30% off Hot Items (1)

The 1 Card Up To 12.5% On-Top Discount with points redemption (2)
+ X5 Extra Points equal to x1 regular points and x4 extra points (First day only) (2)
+ Get FREE 500.- Cash Coupons when registered and show The 1 Card (First day only/ First 100 Customers only) (2)

Special privileges from credit cards (3)

29 Nov – 3 Dec 17 @ ZEN Cool Kids, Level 6 #ZENCOOLKIDS

Remarks: (1) Participating items ONLY (2) Terms & Conditions for redeeming The 1 Card Points apply as specified by The 1 Card/ Receive The 1 Card points at Redemption Counters, Levels 1 – 7/ Regular and extra points will rewarded to the customer’s account on the following day of purchase/ Start registration to get cash coupons will open at 3.00 pm at ZEN Cool Kids, Level 6 (3) Valid for credit cards issued in Thailand Only/ Terms and Conditions at sales counters and individual bank’s media (/ .-) indicates Thai baht