A World-class Beauty Landmark for beauty fans from Thailand and tourists from around the world. This is a must-visit beauty destination: ZEN Beauty at ZEN Department Store Level 1.

• All new ZEN Beauty in every inch
• The new ‘World-class Beauty Landmark’ in the heart of Bangkok
•Unique experiences with ‘Vertical Space’ under the ‘Maximize Design Concept’, allowing freedom for all the brands to design their own beauty counters for the first time at Zen Department Store
•Brand Variety – complete range of products from the world’s high-end beauty brands
•Beauty Digital Movement – closely follow beauty trends from all over the world through digital technology

ZEN Beauty is now ready to welcome all beauty fans to new exciting experiences in the first ‘Vertical Space’ department store in Thailand at ZEN Department Store Level1. It has been created under the ‘Maximize Design Concept’, allowing freedom for all the brands to design their own beauty counters in over3,000 m2 of space. Each zone is clearly divided and laid out, and each corner reflects the wonder of a world-class beauty kingdom that seamlessly combines a digital presence with luxury. Many brands have installed LED screens to give updates on beauty trends from around the world. Visitors are presented with fun and unique features right from the first moment they step inside the zone. They can find a sparkling array of design work from each of the world’s leading beauty brand counters lined up endlessly, who freely and boldly present brand identities, ready to lure the eye toward the latest beauty innovations, This renovation has filled ZEN Beauty (ZEN Department Store Level1) with a full range of leading world-class, high-end brands. Cosmetics, skincare products and perfumes for him and her from over130 brands are ready to entice visitors and offer great experiences for male and female lovers of beauty.

Discover the all-new ZEN Beauty, now ready to fulfil the needs of beauty fans, with the world’s latest trends, popular items and exclusive services from skin and beauty experts today at ZEN Beauty, ZEN Level 1.