SERIES 2 Celebrates 30 Years in Fashion : AMAT NIMITPARK
The Utmost Fashion Photography Exhibition
Touch the Beautiful Imagination of the Tastes

Return to make those who have the heart of an artist and photo lovers feel the aesthetics again. ZEN Department Store, led by Allan Namchaisiri, the President and a renowned freelance photographer in Thailand Amat Nimitpark have jointly held the exhibition “ZEN ANNUAL PHOTO EXHIBITION 2013, SERIES 2 Celebrates 30 Years in Fashion: AMAT NIMITPARK”at ZEN Outdoor Arena and Amphitheater Zone. Open freely to the public from 13 July to 9 September 2013, a total of 60 days.

It is a tremendous outdoor fashion exhibition to celebrate the anniversary of 30 years on the path of photographer of Amat Nimitpark, and present the shutter part with the opportunity to work with a lot of leading Superstar and Celebrities in Thailand, conveying into the distinctive work pieces that have been the talk of the town for more than 100 images since the era of using film with few imaging technologies until the digital era in the present day. The public including a new generation will see the masterpiece of art combined with arts, perspectives, unique techniques and experiences from all years of working through the lens impressively as he has been recognized as a renowned freelance photographer in Thailand.

Share experiences inside the event regarding his 30 years duration on the path of freelance photographer of Amat Nimitpark and guidance of professional photography for the digital age youth. The key highlights of the event are meeting the hot superstar including

Naded Kugimiya,Yaya Urassaya,Sperbund,Kathaleeya Macintosh,Busakorn Wongpuapan, Morakot Kittisara,Sopitnapa Chumpanee,Jenny Tienposuwan,Marsha Vadhanapanich,Sinjai Plengpanich,Sirinya Berbridge,Metinee Kingpayome,Piyada Jutharattanakul

and so on, who will attend the event and give a congratulation sign on photo, including celebrities like Natapree Pichaironnarongsongkram, Napaporn Narongdej, Wannaporn Poshyanonda, Leela Sunthornvinate, Paloy Horwang,M.R. Srikhumrung Yukol,Jariyadee Spencer,Tipanan Krailaek, Kornkanok Yongsakul and so on.

Meanwhile, it also allows people to make merit by doing the auction for 100 images with the starting price of 5,000 baht per image. The revenue after expenses deduction will be donated to various charities. You can write your name, address, phone number with the bid price and drop into the auction box at the DJ booth, 1st Floor, ZEN Department Store during the duration of the exhibition from 12 July to 9 Sep 2013. The auction announcement will be made on 12 Sep 2013 at ZEN Department Store, and on website at www.zen.co.th, www.facebook.com/zenmegastore and Instagram : zenmegastor