ZEN Department store presents ZEN SUMMER CRAZE 2015 with key looks from famous brands for this summer and to seek what THIS IS MY SUMMER is by celebrities

Serving lifestyle to new generation who are looking for “Must Have Item” for this summer, ZEN Department Store led by Natira Boonsri,President-ZEN, presents world leading fashion and lifestyle for young generation in social society together with a wide range of outstanding key look collections from well-known Thai and international brands which offer makeups, clothes, shoes, underwear, swimsuits in ZEN SUMMER CRAZE 2015 event. This event fulfills real charm to fashionistas in Thailand and enables them to seek their true selves through the concept called THIS IS MY SUMMER at ZEN Event Arena, the 1st floor, ZEN Department Store.

The event provides 3 – storey LED stage with over 90 meter runway. The show will start by a live concert from a great duo New-Napassorn Phuthornjai and Jew-Piyanuch Suachongpru coming with the songs Shake It Off and Bang Bang that grow happiness and colors of a new season. There are also 6 famous trend setters of Thailand including Pearypie-Amata Chittasenee, Top-Natthaset Poonsapmanee, Si-Phitsinee Tanwiboon,    Alek-Teeradetch Methavorrayuth, Janie-Thienphosuvan, Poo-Praya Lundberg and more than 70 well-shaped Thai and international models who urge inspiration.

The event will begin with Colors of the Summer Flowers that offers makeup trends from international brands over the world followed by parades from famous brands in 5 outstanding themes including Check and Stripe, a trendy style, Hippy The Return in Denim Never Die, another do-not-miss style that is a forever fashion trend, Print Variety, printed, graphic and geometric patterns followed by Summer Garden, sweet and sour style for this summer time. In addition, plenty of celebrities and net idols will join the event to update the newest trends.