SK-II Pitera Welcome Set

Inspired by the art of creating the pattern of high Suminagashi Japan that comes with a unique refinement. To experience the rejuvenation of the skin in all degrees. You have set the The series starts with ties to the skin look firmer and youthful. At best, the SK-II skin feel healthy and radiant.


SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 75 ml

ingredient from Pitera intense more than 90%. Adds moisture to the skin regeneration process, new skin cells, making the skin healthier, smoother skin and adds moisture to dry skin caused by exposure to sunlight as well.

SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 30 ml

Toning Cleanser contains AHA fruit extract that stimulates new skin cells. Stimulate collagen keeps skin firm. Reduce wrinkles
Pitera adds moisture to the skin. Prepare your skin before treat.

SK-II R.N.A. Power Radical New Age 15 g

High level of skin tightening with the best performance, direct skin deep shine bright in every side.