Spontaneity and a flair for mixing things up in personal ways are the values REDValentino endlessly promotes. The collection is filled with possibilities: it works as a wardrobe, open to ever-changing, individual interpretations. In such an openness, it captures the freedom and lack of conventions that is typical of the young, meaning with youth a state of mind, not a vital statistic.

Constant change is what the REDValentino girl truly enjoys. A storyteller using style as a tool, she delves into different looks that are different personas. She likes multiplicity, but keeps authenticity firmly in place, anytime. Her storytelling is about the here and now.

Ever the optimist and the grounded daydreamer, for summer 17 the REDValentino girl heads straight into a lively beach fantasy, complete with surfboards, colorful waves, an abundance of crochet and joy aplenty. A vaguely psychedelic tingle leaves room to a contemporary, fragile stance that feels fresh and uncontrived. A salt of American kitsch adds an insouciant wink. Lightness is the ever-defining quality.

There is a sense of colorful saturation in the intarsia sun & wave motifs that characterize airy tulle dresses, macintoshes, pleated skirts and jumpers, while colorful crochet gives a crafty feel to bra tops, sundresses and easy skirts. Chambray denim comes with a pictorial fading treatment. Flamingo patterns, surf flowers and surfboard stripes running on shirts, dresses and trousers add a further layer of visual stimulation. The abundance of color and pattern is offset by the pureness and weightlessness of total white for airy dresses swarming in embroideries and sangallo motifs. The silhouette is playful, either long and fluid, or short and svelte. The game of proportions is central: cropped ruffle ponchos are paired with roomy slacks; high-waisted, front-laced surf shorts draw an athletic figure, sportiness highlighted by embroidered souvenir jackets, either short or elongated, and boxy shirts. Surfing patches land an individual touch to the slightly militaristic field jacket. Colors are bright notes of blue and red, tones of pink and beige over a classic base of white and black. Accessories are joyful: demure bags, either plain or rich in playful applications, with hand-woven, multicolor and changeable braided straps; braided sandals with chunky rubber soles. Flip flops in metallic leather provide a beach party easiness.

The clash of elements conveys a sense of joy and freedom that’s airy and breezy, suggesting freewheeling, mind-expanding, escapist scenarios.

Available RED VALENTINO at ZEN Level 1