Jungle in the Sky

Our men’s collection for Fall/Winter 2013 is an exploration of the skies, inflected by ancient mythologies of the mystical world above. The collection merges our urbanized modern world on the ground with the boundless heavens.

A celestial theme pervades the prints: daytime and nighttime clouds, lightning bolts, raindrops and stars appear throughout the collection. double-breasted ‘pilot’ coats and cabans create a distinguished masculine figure, while trousers are skinny and have an effect of parachute fabrics in nylon. Voluminous jackets, evoking the imagined touch of cumulus clouds are paired with tailored pants for a silhouette that floats on the body yet is grounded by elegant structure.

The silhouette of an asian warrior, a recurrent figure in mythical battles, is introduced through the absence of lapels on wrapped coats and jackets.

The KENZO tiger is reincarnated as a double-headed flying creature and is joined by dragons and serpents that populate the sky jungle.

Moleskin, chevron, gabardine, felted jacquards, and multicolored tweeds elevate the non chalant yet controlled masculine jackets.
Experience the new collection at Designer Lux 1st Floor, Zen Department Store