Soft afternoon sunshine of the summer, filled with goodie old songs of the 1990s accompanying light breezefrom a robust stereo reminding us of a summer holiday with a chic secret partyamong high school girl friends by the pool back of the house.Should it be better, if this time the party by the pool will not end at the backyard as always. This summer, iCONiC will take girls back to the miraculous beauty of “Hanging Gardens of Babylon”,one of the 7 wonders of the world that will be multiplied the fun by musics of the 1990s,and luscious colors from favourite fruit icecreams together with iCONiC SPRING/SUMMER 2015 “THE BABYLON SUNDAE” Collection

Design and shape of Hydrangea, representing a gentle, fancied girl, is used as the key in designing the cloth pattern and frame,not only the “River of Babylon” print pattern that tells a story of lovely Babylonian-style pool that girls must be fascinated,but also the “Wonder Empire” print pattern of golden Babylon’s palm leaves indicating the wealth of Babylonian Kingdomswith disguised charming details of iCONiC classics. Silk embroidery on slim chiffon silkand increasing the fun by using Milky Neon colors that is inspired by gently luscious colors of different fruit icecream favors but with hidden mischievous sourness of iCONiC girls, comes with the wavering but sharper and marked blouse frame. The collection concludes with luxury of the pink-gold silk weavering technique best for the Queen of Babylon.

Feel the luscious freshness of Babylonian style this summer at iCONiC, ZEN Thai Designers, Level 2. And, the summer will be with us forever.