“Imagine how comfortable and relaxing it is to breathe pure air in a wild flower field”

In this winter, iCONiC will take the ladies to the flower field surrounded by Alp Mountain, the Queen of European mountains, under cool atmosphere and mild sunlight

Just close your eyes, listen to sound of wind blow and beautiful insects flying around.

Feel the touch of soft petal. Release yourself together with


From the inspiration of “Maria Sibylla Merian” The first German female botanist who has been falling in love with the beauty of flowers and small insects since she was young. She transfers her interest through the sketches of botany in her hometown. Her works give the feeling of little girl chasing beautiful insects in lovely flower field in the view point called “Ant’s eyes view” which is a main concept in this design. It looks like a view point from little insects’ eyes to a wild field full of European flowers with Alp Mountain as a background.

Her water color sketching style of “Iris flower”, a national flower of Germany, or tulip and many other flowers is a very unique style and it has been transferred to the fabric at this time.

The charm of European cultures has been fulfilled by adding a local German folk stripe on soft knitting wool to make you feel warm in this winter under the everlasting charm of pure nature.