Undeniably, Hello Kitty created by the Japanese Company Sanrio is one of the most famous fictional characters around the world for several decades. In 2014 Hello Kitty 40th anniversary, ZEN lifestyle Trend Megastore, led by two sisters Natira Boonsri and Tapida Norpanlob, provided you with a big surprise and invited you to participate in Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Exhibition 2014, starting from today to 23rd June, 2014 at Atrium Zone, 1st floor, in front of ZEN Lifestyle Trend Megastore.

In this occasion, Sanrio Japan selected ZEN Lifestyle Trend Megastore as a place to thank you and spread happiness to Hello Kitty fans in Thailand, the first country in Southeast Asia that got a chance to celebrate Hello Kitty birthday. This event presented an exhibition in which Hello Kitty fans can explore Hello Kitty history and design development throughout 40 years. Hello Kitty was first introduced on 1st November, 1974 in Japan. She is portrayed as a female white Japanese bobtail cat with a red bow and her blood type is A. she was born and lives in the suburbs of London, England. Her height is described as five apples and her weight as three apples. She enjoys traveling, listening to music, reading, eating yummy cookies and making new friends. She lives with her family including her sister, father, mother, grandfather and grandmother. Hello Kitty was first designed by Ikuko Shimizu and then by Yuko Shimizu. Throughout 40 years of Hello Kitty, she has been popular among people from all walks of life around the world. She can be found on a variety of products ranging from school supplies to fashion accessories and high-end consumer products.
The exhibition, moreover, offered many fun and exclusive activities such as decorating a Hello Kitty T-shirt & Hello Kitty glitter tattoo in your own style with every specified purchase. Also, a collector can get many exclusive limited edition products from every corner of the world. These vintage items are available only in this exhibition, for example, Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel Japanese kimono figures (2000), Hello Kitty decoration set (2000), Hello Kitty lunchbox (2001), Hello Kitty projector (2001), Hello Kitty electric fan (2008), Hello Kitty 30th anniversary Japanese coins set and many more. Specially, the event also equipped the visitors with Hello Kitty gold pendants, Hello Kitty cars and many other limited edition items.
Lastly, the highlight of the exhibition was the debut of a real-size Hello Kitty mascot in Thailand. Hello Kitty fans can hug and take a photo with her during Friday to Sunday/ three sessions a day (at 02:30 p.m., 04:30 p.m. and 06:30 p.m.).