Parade of Fantasy Products for Halloween’s Colorful Party 2013 By ZEN Department Store

Although it is originated from the West, but there are a lot of Thai teens who will not miss celebrating a tremendous event of Halloween in late October like every year. It can be seen from the decorations of meeting places, shops, streets, tourist spots and places to hang out of the foreigners, which can make fun of that time very well. Definitely, many people are still looking for decorative items to transform themselves, or to decorate the chic party with fun and scary atmosphere, with a variety of ghost ideas for the smiles and screams of fun.

This event, ZEN Department Stores has prepared the new and unique experiences of shopping for trendy men and women to have fun without boring, with a variety of concept for a scary night including bare bone, bats land, spider nets, and model tube Halloween gangs for those Fashionista to enjoy taking photos and post onto Instragram or Facebook for upcoming exotic and creepy event “”Halloween 2013” with the campaign of HALLOWEEN SALE ALL ZEN 2013. Surprise with a special discount of up to 70% and a parade of hundreds of fantasy products from various brands at all the departments from 25 – 31 Oct. Starting from all sorts of decorations that will help you become a chic ghost that everybody will be attracted to you such as skull hairband, pumpkin hairband, Witch hat, Dracula clothing, including various designs of ghost mask, or for those who want to become a cute ghost so that you can choose from a wide variety of selection such as angle wings, wristwatch, crochet hat with chick design, and etc.

Design your own inspiration for a fun and colorful night at ZEN Department Store. A special discount of up to 30% for the new collections, 70% for the highest quality products and get chance to win the great prizes with a value of more than300,000 baht on every 2,000 baht spend during  25 – 26 Oct 2013 shopping until midnight ,and 27 Oct 2013 until 11 pm.