Providing special area for real trendy shoppers, ZEN Department Store led by Natira Boonsri, President of ZEN Department Store, has newly opened shopping area at Skywalk Floor 2 to serve needs of shoppers with full fashion zone. Premium international and Thai brands with latest collections such as Reflex Angela, Wee, Maibe, Maoklee, Theer, Kingkan, Seoul Chic Bazaar, Tuêra, Cath Kindston etc. are displayed.

Inside the area is tastefully decorated with lively style by ZEN. Beige and classic white are selected to actively present highlights of each shop along the two sides making shoppers feel like walking in the fantasy metropolis, showing elegance of teenage girls through clothes and accessories with different flair.

Newly opened brand Reflex Angela comes with the collection of “My Sweet Obsession” which enhances self-confidence of smart girls. Inspired by sweet colors of candies and charm of blue sky, sea and white sand, the collection amazingly presents its uniqueness on dresses, jumpsuits, cropped shirts, skirts through pink, cream, yellow, green, blue and classic white and black.

The brand Wee brings all girls back to the Victorian periods with classic and elegant looks of weaved clothing textures, tucks sewing, laces and dedicated details. The collection comes with white, cream, nude, red and black colors on bell sleeve blouses and skirts combined with glittering clothes to give hot and sexy looks.

The brand Kingkan comes under the concept of “Ivy Flowers” which is different from common spring/summer collection. It presents a combination of beauty, mystery and hidden danger through dark romantic style on flower-shaped cuttings and printed patterns in remarkable memories.

Tuêra brings all girls to touch the fresh summer time with polka dot, stripped, geometric and printed patterns that represent elegant and relaxing designs. The collection gives great confidence to girls to be out under the sun.

Maibe presents the collection of “Ready to Wear” inspired by the beauty of Japanese tradition and hippy style. It is a combination of 70s trend and embroidered patterns that shows perfection when putting on your outstanding body shapes.

Come and seek for your best look at Skywalk Floor 2, ZEN Department Store.