‘Laundry Situation’

Colors have been considered one of the key elements in creating an animated, spirit-lifting atmosphere. Fascinated by plurality of individuality and boyhood, two creative directors Tewit “Benz” Phanitprachaya and Boripat “Nutt” Singkeawchallenge the traditional concept of boyhood and masculinity in design department and playfully translate onto the whole collection such mundane items as laundry packagings that in a way exude colorfulness, freshness, and cleanliness. Encapsulated by such elements mentioned, the collection generates the vibes of vibrancy and total optimism alongside BOYPLAIN-esque personality that is creatively outspoken and utterly fun-loving.

For this season, experimental fabrics meshings and various styles of pattern making are what brings forth different scopes of creativity. Knitted yarn, faux short-haired fur and satin fabric, for example, are combined to create one piece of a jacket through an oversize silhouette dabbed with a tongue-in-cheek Peter Pan collar style. The principal fabrics used in the collection are segmented into two camps: 1) printed light polyester fabric, giving optimum comfort and utilitarian function 2) synthetic faux short-haired fur and weighted satin fabric, lending the spirits of merriment and well conforming to structured silhouettes for clothing layering in various occasions. Experimental silhouettes pave the way for the designers to playing with bodily sizing. For instance, an oversize sweater with overly widened shoulders and exaggerated eyebrow-raising armholes and cuffs or an ankle-length shirt hinting a wrapping style of that of a double-breasted overcoat but actually worn loose-fitting by wrapping a robe instead of buttoning down.

Navy blue and maroon red and mustard yellow are chosen to predominantly run the collection to be toned down by eye-pleasing colors like pale pink, beige and white. Glaring orange and cobalt blue play a fun role in boldening a statement when layered with other pieces in the collection, nevertheless. Embroidery works span from laundry packaging-inspired patches to detergent bubbles to whimsical punny texts. Fabric screening is done employing soft embossing pigment color technique, leaving the feeling of a unique dimensional touch that totally wins over BOYPLAIN boys’ hearts like no other.